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English Essay on Our School for Children and Students

10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 1]

A Visit To A Fair: Essay For Primary Class


  • Fair held on Ram Navami every year.
  • I visited the fair.
  • A crowded place.
  • I enjoyed sweets etc.
  • Women sang folk songs.
My maternal uncle lives in a village. He is a big farmer. Every year a fair is held there. It is on Ram Navami. The fair lasts for three days. Last year I was there on the occasion.

We went by our car. It was the final day of the fair. The fair was in full swing. There were big crowds. There were lines of big and small shops. People in their colourful best were busy buying various things.

I enjoyed a ride on the merry-go round and some sweets. My aunt bought me toys. In a corner of the fair a juggle gave his performance. Women in groups were singing. They sang folk songs In the nearby Ram Temple there was a huge crowd. I felt so happy to be there.

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