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English Essay on Our School for Children and Students

10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 1]

A Cold Day: Essay For Primary Class


  • Winter – very cold.
  • 23rd January – coldest.
  • No sun.
  • Many students absent.
  • Enjoyed tea and remained in bed.
In winter the days are very cold. Winter lasts from November to February. In January it is the coldest. I remember a day when it was the coldest. It was 23rd January last year. There was no sun. There were clouds in the sky. The fog and smog made it terrible.

People shivered even in the woolens. Many students were absent from the school. They thought it wise to remain at home. I felt very cold and damp in my seat. The school was over earlier than usual.

On reaching home I enjoyed tea and snacks. I remained in may bed. It was biting cold outside. The night too was cold and biting. The next day there were some rain. I cannot forget that day.

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