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Population Growth

Population Explosion: Short English Essay For Students

Population Explosion: A population can be defined as the number of people inhabiting a particular place at a specific time. Population process involves counting of citizens either by proxy or not i.e defacto or dejure method of counting.

Population gives the number of people living in a particular place with their age group and gender. Explosion technically means a rapid increase in volume. Therefore, Population explosion can be defined as overpopulation. This is also known as Human overpopulation or population overshoot.

Population explosion can also be defined as a situation whereby the number of people or inhabitant of a particular area or geographical location is more than the available resources. The available resources might be land mass or other natural resources. A population has been increasing since the defeat of Black Death; epidemic diseases that kill millions of people then. It was defeated around 1350. Also, as of the last 200 years; the population has grown more than seven-fold. With an increase in birth rate; population is bound to occur.

From 1951 to 1981, the population of India rose from 36 crores to 70 crores. This period in India can be termed as a period of Population Explosion. The population is bound to increase and controlled at the same time but can’t be reduced artificially. Increase in medical facilities has helped to reduce the death rate in India by 15 people / thousand.

Population Explosion Effects:

  • Employment opportunities: The rate of unemployment in India is a great influence of population explosion in India.
  • Pressure on Land: Population explosion cause pressure on land as there is an increase in the number of users or inhabitants.
  • Environment: Increase in population or overcrowding makes the ecosystem or the environment to be prone to degradation and pollution, thus need to be managed effectively because it will hinder economic development.
  • Food shortage
  • Poverty

In conclusion, population eruption is not a situation that overlooks cause it prone more danger to the environment and its habitats. It must be managed effectively.

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