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English Essay on Our School for Children and Students

10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 1]

Keeping Fit: Essay For Primary Class


  • We should always keep fit.
  • For it we should have balanced diet.
  • Proper work and rest are also necessary.
  • Without exercise we cannot keep fit.
  • We should not have bad habits.
We should always keep fit and healthy. It is our duty not be sick. A sick person is good for nothing. He is a burden. Healthy people make a healthy nation.

To keep fit we should mind our diet. Our diet should be proper and balanced. It should have proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fast and minerals in sufficient quantity. It is also necessary that we know how and when to eat our food.

Keeping fit also means proper work and rest. After hard work, there should be rest and relaxation. During leisure we should follow good hobbies. Our sleep should be sound and without disturbance.

To keep fit some bodily exercise is needed. It should be according to the age of the person. It can be walking, jogging, swimming, running or yoga postures.

To keep fit one should not have bad habits. Drinking, smoking etc. are very harmful.

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