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English Essay on Our School for Children and Students

10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 1]

Fruits: Essay For Primary Class


  • Various types of fruits.
  • Mangoes are sweet and juicy.
  • Bananas are common.
  • Apples grow in high places.
  • Coconuts grow on sea-coasts.
Fruits are a great gift of nature. They give us much energy. They are very popular. Some fruits are seasonal. India is very rich in fruits. Mangoes, banana, orange, grapes, apples etc. are common fruits in India.

Ripe mangoes are full of sweet juice. They are good for health. They are liked by all They are available in summer. They are of many kinds. A mango is called the ‘king of fruits’.

Bananas are very common. They are cheap and so popular. They grow in many parts of the country. Apples are so tasty. They grow in high places like Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. They are also grown in the hilly areas of Uttranchal.

Coconuts grow on sea coasts. Coconut water is a popular drink. Oranges are grown in many parts of the land. Fresh fruits are very good for health.

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