Friday , May 27 2022
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10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 5]

A Railway Porter: Essay For Primary Class


  • A porter or coolie – uniform – number plate
  • His work at station.
  • A common sight at stations.
  • His knowledge about trains etc.

A porter is a man whose work is to carry travelers’ bags. He works at a railway station. He is also known as a coolie. He wears a red uniform. He also wears a brass plate on his right shoulder. On it is written his name and number.

A porter is a very useful man. He helps the passengers in many ways. He has to work hard. His charges are fixed. But he often over-charges. It is an evil practice.

He can be seen carrying heavy luggage on his head and shoulders. He guides the travelers to their seats and berths in the train. His knowledge about trains is very rich. He knows the platform where a train can be boarded. The arrival and departure time of trains is on finger tips.

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