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10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 5]

A Nurse: Essay For Primary Class


  • Duties of a nurse.
  • Service with a smile.
  • Her spotless white uniform.
  • Service to indoor patients.
  • Work at home – not much rest.

A nurse is a lady who serves a sick person. Her duty is to look after someone who is ill or injured. Thus, her duty is not easy. She has to be very careful and alert. She is a symbol of service and humility. She has to undertake the service the with a smiling face.

A nurse is always in spotless white uniform. White colour stands for purity and service. Nurses work in hospitals and dispensaries. She helps the doctor in many ways. She keeps the ward neat and clean. She gives medicine to the indoor patients. She takes their temperature. She goes from one bed to another enquiring about the health of the sick. She keeps night vigil. She never loses her temper.

The life of a nurse is very busy. At home also she has to work hard and long. She does not get rest or leisure. She is lowly paid.

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