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10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 5]

Computers – My Favourite School Subject: Essay For Primary Class


  • Computers: my favourite subject.
  • A wonderful machine.
  • Binary system.
  • Learning basics – practice at home also various units of a computer.
  • Various units of a computer.

I like all my school subjects. I take much interest in them. But I like Computers the most. It is my favourite subject. It is a new school subject. It was introduced a few years ago.

A computer is a wonderful calculating machine. It is a great gift of science. A computer uses a system called binary. It uses only two digits 0 and 1. A series of 1s and 0s can represent any numbers or letters.

I am learning the basics of Computer Science. It interests me so much. I have a computer at home also. I practice on it for 2-3 hours a day.

The essential units of a computer are – monitor, a CPU, a keyboard, a mouse and the software.

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