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10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 5]

The Recess Period: Essay For Primary Class


  • Need of rest after work – school recess.
  • Half an hour recess – eating tiffin.
  • Other activities.
  • When the recess is over – again teaching.

Long work brings tiredness. Between periods of work, we need rest. It gives us peace and power. In schools also there is a recess period. It is a welcome break.

My recess is after the fourth period. It lasts for half an hour. Students look forward to the recess. As soon as it begins the students rush out of the classes. During recess students eat their tiffin. Some go to the school canteen. There they buy eatable and soft drinks.

During recess some students play games. Others talk and relax. While some others do what they like. When the bell goes the recess is over. The students are back in classes. And teaching again.

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