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10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 5]

My First Day At School: Essay For Primary Class


  • First day at school.
  • My class teacher – her looks.
  • Recess – eating – playing.
  • One of the best days.

My first day at school was joyful. I remember it well Then I was five years old. My father took me to the school. He met the principal. She was a kind lady. I was admitted to first standard.

My class teacher was a young lady my name. She made me sit at a desk. It was in the front row.

In the recess I had my tiffin. Then I played with my classmates. As the bell rang, we were back in the class. There were many colorful toys in the class.

Soon the school was over. My father came to take me home. It was of the best days of my life.

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