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English Essay on Postman for Students and Children

English Essay on Postman for Students and Children

The postman is a very familiar figure for everyone. He wears a khakhi brown uniform and pedals up and don the streets on his bicycle. Some of them were turbans on their heads. A postman always carries a bag with him in which he keeps all the letters, cards and money orders. The bigger parcels are usually kept in the cycle basket.

No matter what the postman wears, or whether he is young of old, he is always welcome in every house. People wait for him eagerly every day. He brings news for them from loved ones living far away. He delivers money from one member of a family to another. He brings to us colorful cards sent on birthdays and festivals. Sometimes he brings bad news too.

A postman does his duty no matter what the day is like. On freezing days, on rainy days and on hot summer days, he comes to give us letters without fail. He has carry the heavy letters and parcels over long distances. Yet he is paid only a low salary.

The postman has to go to the post office early in the morning to sort out the letters and then bring them to us. In the villages he even sometimes reads out letters to those who cannot read. He is even required to write replies for them.

The postman thus works hard the whole day. He gets very few holidays. He is our friend and must be tread withe respect by everyone.

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