Friday , October 7 2022
Autobiography Of Book – Essay in English

English Essay on My Favourite Book For Students And Children

Books are our best friends. They are a food for the mind. They console us sorrow and make us forget the worries of life.

Of all the books I have read, I like the Gita most. It is a holy book of the Hindus. It is my true guide and a never-failing friend. I love to read it every morning. It is a store-house of knowledge, wisdom and virtue. It teaches me the secret of success in life. It tells me the importance of self – effort, devotion to duty and good actions. It shows me light in the dark hours of life. It teaches me that good triumphs over evil in the long run. I worship the Gita and have firm faith in it. It gives me peace of mind and true happiness.

It is one of the best books of the world and has been translated into many languages. The Hindus believe that if it is read at the time of death, it bring salvation. I respect the Gita for its moral philosophy and true guidance.

Apart from being a great religious book, the Gita is also considered a great work of Sanskrit literature. The Gita is the basis of Indian thought. It is a symbolism of pure Hindu thought. For generations, our thinkers and leaders have been inspired by this great book. Mahatma Gandhi was deeply influenced and greatly inspired by the Gita.

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