Friday , September 30 2022
NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Social Science: The Temperate Zone

English Essay on Morning Walk for Students and Children

Morning Walk [1] ~ 200 Words

It is a very popular saying that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. there are many joys to be found in the simple habit of taking a morning walk.

I usually get up 5.30 a.m. and go for a morning walk with my grandfather. He takes me through the nearby fields and points out the different coloured birds to me. Thus I can now identify many birds all by myself.

We then make our way to the nearby park. My grandfather takes a short rest on the bench while I play on the cool, dew-filled grass. The flowers in the park look very beautiful and fresh in the early morning sun.

Then we make our way back home through the tree-lined streets. There is no traffic on the roads that early in the morning. Only some morning walkers like us are there to give us company. One can hear the chirping of birds very well in that silence.

My morning walk with my grandfather leave me very fresh and ready to face the day with an enjoy the golden rays of the rising sun and the fresh beauty of everything around us. I have thus developed a love or nature. morning walks are a very healthy habit and a must for young and old alike.

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