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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Social Science: The Temperate Zone

English Essay on Morning Walk for Students and Children

Morning Walk [2] ~ 250 Words

A walk in the morning is enjoyable and pleasant. It is a kind of light exercise. It promotes health and refreshes the mind. It makes us fit for the day’s hard work.

I am an early riser. I get up at five in the morning. I put on my clothes and go out for a walk in the open country. My friend, Bipin, accompanies me. We go to the river side. It is calm all round. We often hear the shrill crowing of a cock in the distance. The cool and fresh air invigorates us. Birds begin to stir in their nests. They chirp and fill the air with their sweet songs.

We pass through green fields and gardens. We see  the farmers ploughing or watering their fields. The sight of the green grass and the brightly coloured flowers fills our hearts with joy. Dew drops on the blades of grass and leaves of tiny plants look like pearls. The sweet smell of flowers serves as a tonic for our brain.

We reach the river bank. We put off our clothes and take exercise. After a little rest, we have dip in the river. By this time the sun rises in the east, behind the hills. Everything get bathed in its bright, crimson coloured rays. Nature seems to awake from her sleep. It is a beautiful sight.

We return home, have our breakfast and prepare the lessons for the day. Regular morning walks make us healthy and keep us cheerful thought the day.

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