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Autobiography Of A Cloud - Essay in English

Autobiography Of A Cloud – Essay in English

I live high up over the hills in the air. I have no home. I float wherever my fancy takes me. The earth and water are my parents. When i like it, I pour down as rain and join them again. I am happiest when I touch the earth and water with my droplets. people call me the cloud.

During hot days, I take birth as water vapour and rise towards the sky. The wind and my own lightness take me upwards. Higher and higher I go, until I can go on further. I rest for a mass. I have no particular shape. I am simply made up of millions of tiny droplets of water.

I begin to move in the direction of the wind. By this time I am so heavy that I cannot hold myself back any more. The moment I strike against a mountainside, I begin to pour. I fall down in the form of rain drops with great speed. The parched earth drinks me up thirstily. I continue to pour till i have no more water droplets left. I leave the earth looking fresh and green.

I have many moods. In my angry mood I am black and I show my anger through the sound of thunder. In my calmer mood I am white and I make a beautiful contrast with the clear blue sky. But what I like best is to float lazily over the earth and watch the rivers and green fields and the people working on them. They look so tiny from up there. Sometimes I feel sorry for the huge crowds of people going about their difficult lives. I then realise that I am happy because am free.

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