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A Train Journey - Essay in English

A Train Journey – Essay in English

I once made a train journey from New Delhi to Chennai by the Tamil Nadu Express. It was a very long and exciting journey. My father was taking us along to visit some relatives.

I had travelled short distances by trains before, but this was my first long journey. We had begun our packing several days back. We reached the railway station with all our luggage quite early. The train was leave only at 10:45 p.m. It was way past my bed not feel sleepy at all.

We were to reach Chennai after a journey of two nights. The first night we just settled ourselves and went to sleep. In the morning we were woken up by the sounds of  “Coffee, Tea” etc. All day long the train stewards kept bringing us hot and cold drinks, soup, cutlets, breakfast, meals and many other things. i had a taste of everything. They were very tasty.

I sat at the window seat the whole day and watched the different states and cities of our country passing by. Everything was green and beautiful. I waved at the village people passing by. They smiled shyly. I felt very proud of my big country.

When I felt bored, I walked up and down the train with my brother. The train was moving very fast and shaking a lot. It was very difficult to walk without falling. We also made friends with other children who were travelling with us. We played a lot of games together. The time passed by very nicely.

We went to sleep early after our dinner the next morning we reached the beautiful city of Chennai at 8:00 a.m. sharp. My journey by train had come to an end. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to many such journeys.

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