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A Visit to a Zoo - English Essay

A Visit to a Zoo – English Essay

The summer holidays had been long and boring. So my brother and I became very excited when our parents told us that we would be visiting the Delhi Zoo the next day. We eagerly looked forward to it. The next evening we jumped into the car and our father drove us to the zoo.

We bought tickets and entered the huge grounds of the Purana Quila. We roamed all around it and were excited by almost everything we saw. There were so many birds, animals and reptiles that it is difficult to remember each one of them. I will try to describe as much as I can.

I was surprised by how many different kind of birds there are in this world-sparrows, ostriches, pelicans, peacocks, and many, more. We found the monkeys very funny and tried to copy them. There were also many other animals like bears, zebras, wolves, rhinoceroses, foxes etc. We were watching the lions in their cage when one of them gave a mighty roar. I was so scared i jumped back two feet. Everyone laughed at me.

We also went fore boat rides and elephant rides. We then sat under a shady tree and ate our sandwiches and cakes. We roamed some more, and came back home tried and happy.

I will always remember my visit to the zoo because I learnt so many new thing about so many different kinds of birds and animals. I have also learnt that we must love them and never harm them.

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