Friday , September 30 2022
A Visit To An Exhibition - English Essay

A Visit To An Exhibition – English Essay

I went to an exhibition with my friends recently, and was very impressed with it. It was held in the musical grounds of our town, and was titled ‘The Arts and Crafts Exhibition’. It was a big exhibition, though not as big as the international ones held in Delhi.

As we entered the gates, I saw many colorfully decorated stalls nearby. There seemed to be more and more as we entered further into the grounds. They were all beautifully decorated. It was obvious that the participants had used all their skill and imagination in doing up their shops.

Artists and craftsmen from all over the state, and several from even other states, were so many things on display that we grew dazed. Potteries, textiles, shawls, handicrafts, paintings, jewellery, handlooms, jutecrafts were just some of them.

All the exhibits were really very good. The craftsmen and artists must have spent months in preparing for this exhibition. What we all liked best were the shawls from Kashmir and the stone sculptures from Andhra Pradesh. It is really amazing What man can do with his two hands.

There were also prizes for the best decorated stall, best artists, best craftsmen etc. To our delight, the craftsman from the Kashmiri stall also got a prize. There were some shops selling tea and snacks where we refreshed ourselves.

We enjoyed our visit to the exhibition very much. We got a change to see the wonders that the people of India have to offer to the world.

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