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A Visit To a Circus Show - Essay in English

A Visit To a Circus Show – Essay in English

It was the occasion of children’s day. Our school had planned to take us to a circus show as a treat. We all had to Contribute’ a little money and also take our lunch boxes with us.

We went to see the morning show of the Gemini circus. The show began at 10:00 a.m. First there was a grand parade of all the performers. Then the hours riders came on beautiful black and white horses, Performing feats all round the ring.

A juggler came ‘next. He threw balls, Cups, saucers and sticks hight up in the air and caught them without dropping even one. There were many clowns who made us laugh a lot with their funny acts. There was a fantastic performance by men and women on cycles and motorcycles.

Many animals did their tricks too monkeys on cycles, a bear on a motorcycle, elephants playing football, parrots, dogs and many others. But the most thrilling of all was the show of the huge lions and tigers. We were all scared but we enjoyed ourselves.

Finally,  there was the show of the acrobats. They climbed high up and flew from one swing to another very easily. They didn’t seem to be afraid at all. We could just watch and admire them.

We all enjoyed the circus show very much. We clapped hard after every item. None of us could talk about anything else the whole day. Thus our visit to the circus was a great success.

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