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NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Separation of Substances

Question: Think and write how you will separate a mixture of water, sand, salt and iron fillings. Think- which property of iron can be used for this?

Answer: We will separate by:

  1. Filtration: We will separate iron fillings and sand from mixture by filtration.
  2. Magnetic separation: We will use magnet to separate iron fillings from sand.
  3. Distillation: We will separate salt and water by distillation.

Question: What is mixture?

Answer: When two or more than two substances are mixed together in any ratio then it is called a mixture.

Question: Write various methods of separation of components from their mixture.


  1. Handpicking
  2. Threshing
  3. Winnowing
  4. Sedimentation
  5. Decantation
  6. Filtration
  7. Evaporation
  8. Condensation

Question: Define the term handpicking.

Answer: The process used to separate slightly larger particles from a mixture by hand is called handpicking. For example: Stone pieces can be separated from wheat or rice by handpicking.

Question: What do you mean by threshing? Where is it used?

Answer: Threshing is a process in which we separate grain from stalks. This process is used by farmer to separate gram, wheat, rice, mustard seeds in his field.

Question: Write three methods of separation.

Answer: Handpicking, threshing and winnowing.

Hand Picking
Hand Picking

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    Under which condition can handpicking be used to separate the constituents of a mixture?