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NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Separation of Substances

Question: How will you separate oil and water from their mixture?

Answer: Oil, being lighter than water, will float on it. Two distinct layers are formed and slowly oil is allowed to flow into another container and is separated from water. Separating funnel can also be used to separate the two.

Separation of two immiscible liquids
Separation of two immiscible liquids

Question: What is evaporation?

Answer: The process of conversion of water into vapour is called evaporation. This process takes place continuously where water is present. Common salt from sea water is obtained using this method.

Question: Define winnowing.

Answer: The process is used to separate components from a mixture in which one component is heavier or lighter than other is called winnowing. Winnowing is done with the help of wind or by blowing air.


Question: What do you mean by sieving? Give an example.

Answer: Sieving allows the fine flour particles to pass through the holes of the sieve while the bigger particles or impurities remain on the sieve. For example, in a flour mill, impurities like husk and stones are removed from wheat before grinding it.

Question: What is threshing?

Answer: Threshing is a process that is used to separate grain from stalks. In this process the stalks are beaten to free the grain seeds. Sometimes threshing is done with the help of bullocks. Machines are also used to thresh large quantities of grain.


Question: Describe the method to obtain salt from sea water.

Answer: Sea water contains many salts mixed in it. One of them is common salt, when sea water is allowed to stand in shallow pits, water gets evaporated by sunlight and slowly turns into water vapour. In a few days, the water evaporates completely leaving behind the solid salts. Common salt is then obtained from this mixture of salts by further purification.

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