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NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Separation of Substances

Question: You are given a simple of water. How will you find out whether it is pure or not.

Answer: We will find whether it is pure or not by checking the boiling point. If the boiling point is 100°C it is it is pure and f it is less then 100°C it is impure.

Question: Why are objects at a distance seen more clearly after rain?

Answer: Objects at a distance are seen more clearly after rain because the light dust particles in the air were settled down by rain and loading and the air becomes clear.

Question: List three properties of mixtures.


  1. in a mixture the ratio of components is not same.
  2. Components can be separated.
  3. The components in mixture retain their properties.

Question: Give two situations where it is necessary to separate mixture into its continents.

Answer: Two situations where it is necessary to separate mixture into its continents are:

  1. Separating tea leaves from tea.
  2. Separating oil from water.

Question: Why water is an important solvent?

Answer: Many things or substance can dissolve in water. That’s why it is called an important solvent. It can dissolve gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. It can dissolve solids like salt and sugar. It can dissolve liquids like alcohol and honey.

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  2. Pranav Datta Nikumbh

    Under which condition can handpicking be used to separate the constituents of a mixture?