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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Large Numbers

NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Large Numbers


Question: Give the word form and the short expanded form for these numbers.

(a) 6,67,09,654

Answer: Word form: Six crore, sixty-seven lakh nine thousand six hundred fifty-four

Short form: 6,00,00,000+60,00,000+7,00,000+9000+600+50+4

(b) 40, 79,00,690

Answer: Word form: Forty crore seventy-nine lakh six hundred ninety

Short form: 40,00,00,000+70,00,000+9,00,000+600+90

(c) 54,00,10.809

Answer: Word form: Fifty-four crore ten thousand eight hundred nine

Short form: 50,00,00,00+4,00,00,000+10,000+800+9

(d) 7,13,84,690

Answer: Word form: Seven crore thirteen lakh eighty-four thousand six hundred ninty

Short form: 7,00,00,000+10,00,000+3,00,000+80,000+4,000+600+90

(e) 45,68,23,008

Answer: Word form: F0rty-five crore sixty-eight lakh twenty-three thousand eight

Short form: 40,00,00,000+5,00,00,000+60,00,000+8,00,000+20,000+3,000+8

(f) 3,00,00,091

Answer: Word form: Three crore ninety-one

Short form: 3,00,00,000+90+1

(g) 28,00,09,463

Answer: Word form: Twenty-eight crore nine thousand four hundred sixty-three

Short form: 20,00,00,000+8,00,00,000+9,000+400+60+3

(h) 96,70,38,420

Answer: Word form: Ninety-six crore seventy lakh thirty-eight thousand four hundred twenty

Short form: 90,00,00,000+6,00,00,000+70,00,000+30,000+8,000+400+20

Question: Write the numeral with commas.

(a) Sixteen crore eight lakh thirty-nine thousand twenty three

Answer: 16,80,39,023

(b) Forty crore twenty lakh nine hundred five

Answer: 40,20,00,905

(c) Ninety-six crore thirty-five thousand eight hundred fifty-seven

Answer: 96,00,35,857

(d) Eighty-three lakh nine hundred

Answer: 83,00,900

(e) Four crore thirty-seven lakh nineteen thousand

Answer: 40,37,90,000

(f) One hundred thirty-four crore

Answer: 134,00,00,000

(g) Two hundred nineteen crore thirty-six lakh forty-eight thousand six hundred nine

Answer: 219,36,48,609

(h) Two thousand seven hundred crore fifteen lakh seventy-four thousand twelve

Answer: 2700,15,74,012

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