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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Large Numbers

NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Large Numbers


Question: Write the word from of the numbers given below.

 (a) 235,641,739

Answer: Two hundred thirty-five million, six hundred forty-one thousand, seven hundred thirty-nine

(b) 9,302,056

Answer: Nine million, three hundred two thousand, fifty-six

(c) 50,050,172

Answer: Fifty million, fifty thousand, one hundred seventy-two

(d) 305,098,721

Answer: Three hundred five million, ninety-eight thousand, seven hundred twenty-one

(e) 400,500,878

Answer: Four hundred million, five hundred thousand, eight hundred seventy-eight

(f) 93,892,690

Answer: Ninety-three million, eight hundred ninety-two thousand, six ninty

Question: Write the standard international from with commas for the numbers given below.

(a) Forty-eight million three hundred thirty -nine thousand thirty-nine thousand fifty-six

Answer: 48,339,056

(b) Seven million five hundred ninety-three thousand two hundred

Answer: 7,593,200

(c) Six hundred forty-two thousand seven hundred nine

Answer: 642,709

(d) Four hundred forty-seven million three thousand nine hundred eight

Answer: 447,003,908

(e) One hundred one million six hundred thousand three hundred seventy-two

Answer: 101,600,372

(f) One billion ninety-six million three hundred sixty thousand five

Answer: 1,096,360,005

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