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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Large Numbers

NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Large Numbers

Question: Insert commas using the international system and then write in words.

(a) 4600987

Answer: 4,600,987 (Four million six hundred thousand nine hundred eighty-seven)

(b) 2307902

Answer:  2,307,902 (Two million three hundred seven thousand, nine hundred two)

(c) 1188440,098

Answer: 1,188,440,098  (One billion, one hundred eighty-eight million four hundred forty thousand ninety eight)

(d) 134571608

Answer: 134,571,608 (One hundred thirty-four million five hundred seventy-one thousand six hundred eight

(e) 1000613563

Answer:  1,000,613,563 (One billion six hundred thirteen thousand five hundred sixty-three

(f) 176500010

Answer: 176,500,010 (One hundred seventy-six million five hundred thousand ten )

Question: Rewrite the following numbers giving them in both the standard Indian form and the standard international form. Then give the word forms in both the systems.

(a) 56876234

Answer:  5,68,76,234 and 56,876,234

  • Five crore sixty-eight lakh seventy-six thousand, two hundred thirty-four
  • Fifty-six million, eight hundred seventy-six thousand, two hundred thirty-four

(b) 987478

Answer: 9,87,478 and 987,478

  • Nine lakh eighty-seven thousand four hundred seventy-eight
  • Nine hundred eighty-seven thousand four hundred seventy-eight

(c) 8909876

Answer: 89,09,876 and 8,909,876

  • Eighty-nine lakh nine thousand eight hundred seventy-six
  • Eight million nine hundred nine thousand eight hundred seventy-six

(d)  760382869

Answer:  76,03,82,869 and  760,382,869

  • Seventy-six crore three lakh eighty-two thousand eighty hundred sixty-nine
  • Seven hundred sixty million three hundred eighty-two thousand eighty hundred sixty-nine

(e) 4109632791

Answer:  410,96,32,791 and  4,109,632,791

  • Four hundred ten crore ninety-six lakh thirty-two thousand seven hundred ninety-one
  • Four billion, one hundred nine million, six hundred thirty-two thousand seven hundred ninety-one

(f) 108409630

Answer: 10,84,09,630 and 108,409,630

  • Ten crore eighty-four lakh nine thousand six hundred thirty
  • One hundred eight million four hundred nine thousand  six hundred thirty

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