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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Large Numbers

NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Large Numbers


Let us now learn about 8- and -9 digit numbers in the Indian place value system.

8-Digit Numbers

We now move one place further to the left of the place value chart.

This is the crores place.

6 in the crores place is ten times 60 lakh (10×60,00,000)

6 in the crores place in 6,00,00,000

6 in the face value and 6,00,00,000 is the place value.

  • An 8-digit number begins with the crore place.
  • the crore place is in the crores period.
  • 10 ten lakhs = 1 crore
  • We put a comma or leave space to separate the crores period from the lakhs period.

8-digit numbers

Standard from: 9,27,68,435 (with commas) or 9 27 68 435 (with spaces)

Word form: Nine crore, twenty-seven lakh, sixty-eight thousad, four hundred thirty five.

9-Digit Numbers

  • A 9-digit number begins with ten crores place.
  • The ten crores place is in the crores period.

Standard form: 19,27,68,435

Word form: Nineteen crore, twenty-seven lakh, sixty-eight thousand, fore hundred thirty-five

Long expanded form: (1×10,00,00,000)+(9×1,00,00,000)+(2×10,00,000)+(7×1,00,000)+(6×1o,oooo)+(8×1,000)+(4×100)+(3×10)+(5×1)

Short expanded form: 10,00,00,000+9,00,00,000+20,00,000+7,00,000+60,000+8,000+ 400+30+5

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