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Labour Day

Labour Day Speech For Students And Children

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Labour Day Speech: Good morning everyone. I welcome you all on this assembly specially dedicated to the labour day celebration.

This day is usually celebrated on 1st May every year but it tends to also vary as per the countries. This day is also known as the May day. It is celebrated in order to acknowledge the economic and social achievements of workers. It is celebrated to promote and encourage the labour associations.The theme of celebrating this May Day is to finish the struggle as well as to promote the requirement of eight-hour work day, this was triggered as earlier the standard working hours ranged from 12 to 16 hours a day. To overcome people’s agitation and safeguard themselves from moral and physical injuries it was essential to cut it short to 8 hours a day. This day has utmost importance in every country as this lays the dedication towards the efforts of the work force.

Just imagine, if we people had to work for 12 to 16 hours a day how restless and irritated we would have always felt. Honestly, at present I even wish that there should be a provision of flexible hours depending on the workload on an employee or worker. This day has equal or if i may say more importance that the appraisal day to the workers. This day has led a great impact by the reduction of working hours and laying down the base for appraising the accomplishments and achievements of the work force.

This celebration has become a historic significance all over the world and celebrated by the Labor unions worldwide. Labourers always put in their efforts to make our lives better and indeed they deserve the honour for the work they do. In India, this labour day was celebrated for the first time in year 1923. This day is a special occasion when countries worldwide celebrate the true spirit of the working class and labourers. It’s the day when workers get together and celebrate their strengths which tend to indicate how effectively they always have been able to and will continue to struggle to bring in positive reforms for the working class of the society.

We all should safeguard the working class in all respects that we can do. It is indeed a special work force that put in efforts for their well being and better lives. Though this day is celebrated as a national holiday in most of the countries but we should not just deal with this day as a holiday but also as the true dedication to honour their efforts and activities done. We should encourage our children and other associates to celebrate this day in their own way and should know the importance of this day.

Special seminars and sessions should be conducted for recognising the efforts of the labour force. Thank you for gracing this occasion and sharing your views along with me.

Thank you!

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