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Mothers Day Speech For Students & Children

Mother’s Day Speech For Students & Children

Mother’s Day Speech For Students & Children: Mother’s Day is special for each one of us and is celebrated everywhere across the globe. In fact, in many educational institutions and organizations – this day is celebrated with great zeal. Some are needed to deliver a speech on mother’s day. So keeping in mind the needs of our students and others who face struggle in composing a speech, we prepare easy to understand and lucid speeches – both, short speech and long speech on mother’s day. Now draw references from our speeches and go on stage with confidence to impress your mother or your audience. You can always browse through our speeches section whenever you are stuck somewhere or are facing the difficulty in composing one.

Speech On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Speech  – 1

Hon’ble Principal, Respected Professors and My Dear Friends – I heartily welcome all to our college event on Mother’s Day.

I, the final year student from Sociology Stream, would want to deliver a speech on Mother’s Day. While composing a speech on mother, I realized that only on very rare occasions do we open up and express ourselves to say something for our loved ones and today it’s about our mothers. It didn’t take me much to compose the speech; nonetheless it can be an impromptu as we don’t have to struggle for words to say how much our mothers mean to us. More than saying it in words, I can feel from within a great upsurge of emotions.

I get even more excited for mother’s day because it falls in the month of spring. I hope everyone knows the significance of this season, i.e. birth, life, growth and rejuvenation. In fact, all these qualities can be aptly associated with our mothers as she has given us life and brought us on this earth – she is a nurturing figure who sustains us and guides us at every stage of life.

She is indeed God’s most wonderful gift for us and the best part of her is that she showers on us her unconditional love and affection. Her love for us is immeasurable and she always remains protective about us. Even when we go wrong somewhere she is there to hold our hand and show us the right path. She teaches us righteousness and how to uphold our principles at the time of moral crisis. We cannot imagine a single moment without her.

The mother-child relationship is so special that she realizes our needs before we say anything. Right from knowing our likes / dislikes to sensing our mood swings – she knows our every nerve. So let’s not miss this opportunity and surprise our mothers with wonderful gifts and loving gestures. The most important of all kiss and hug your mother and say how much you love her.

In fact, before closing my speech I should also say a few words for my mother. She is not only my mother, but my most wonderful companion as well. I never hide anything from her – whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant. Her happiness knows no bounds when I accomplish my goals and gets very much disturbed if anything goes wrong with me. She can read my silence and knows what will be the best for me. There’s no demand of mine, which she has never fulfilled whether it’s buying things of my choice to taking approval from papa for my college trips. I am feeling short of words to describe her unparalleled support in my life.

Now, I want to seek the blessings of God not only for my mother, but for all the mothers who continue to nurture us and love us unconditionally. May God keep our mothers hale and hearty throughout and in the best of spirits! Not a single day should come in their lives when she feels upset or hurt.

Thank You!

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