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World Population Day

World Population Day Speech For Students And Children

World Population Day is celebrated across the world. It basically advocates focusing attention on the importance and urgency of population-related issues. It is celebrated by the NGOs, schools, colleges, etc to create awareness about healthy pregnancy and family planning. There can be occasions when you may have to deliver speech on World Population Day. We have shared different samples on World Population Day Speech with an objective to prepare you for an occasion.

World Population Day Speech For Students

We have specifically kept the language of our speeches very simple and effective. The short speech on World Population Day shared here can be used at schools or college level and the long speech on World Population Day can be used at organizational levels for creating an impact. We are certain that you can take inspiration from these speeches and enhance the impact of your speech. You can use your own examples, stories and incidents to personalize your speech on World Population Day.

World Population Day Speech 1

Dear Friends!

We have assembled here to discuss our plans about the celebration of World Population Day. Our hospital celebrates this day annually on 11th July. It is basically to reiterate the human right formulated for family planning. It was started by the United Nation in order to encourage events, activities and information to make this right a reality across the world.

We also aim to increase the awareness of the people in our locality related to different issues based on population such as the value of family planning along with gender equality, maternal health, poverty, need of population control and human rights. Basically, World Population Day is celebrated globally by community organisations, business groups and individuals in various ways. Different types of activities are organised such as educational information sessions, seminar discussions, essay competitions, displaying the charts, slogans, ppts, banners, and many more.

It’s a global observance phenomenon, not a public holiday though, it is highly important that everyone is aware of the importance and issues related to family planning and population control.

Being a charitable hospital, it becomes our social responsibility to prevent and empower today’s youth and thus we celebrate World Population Day with different objectives. We want to provide them with the detailed knowledge about sexuality and the importance of getting married at a matured age so that they are able to understand and fulfil their responsibilities at the same time. We would also educate youngsters by employing youth-friendly, informative and reasonable methods in order to evade unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. We also want to educate people to remove the gender stereotypes from our society. It is also important that the youth of today, especially women are aware about the pregnancy related diseases and illness if married at a minor age. Thus, we will educate them in order to raise awareness in rural, semi-urban and urban areas. We’ll also educate them about various diseases that are sexually transmitted like HIV, AIDS, etc in order to prevent them and others from various infections.

We are also focusing on gender equality across India especially in rural areas. Thus, we are demanding for the implementation of some stringent and effective laws and policies that protect the rights of girl child. Also, every child should have an equal access to education irrespective of gender and class.

Therefore, we have concrete plans to visit villages, remote areas, etc and organize mobile school for girls so that we can educate them and make them aware of the population control. Our objective is not to suppress human rights as family planning and deciding upon the number of kids is an individual choice; but we aim to create wakefulness and make people aware of the benefits of having limited number of kids so that parents can give good upbringing to their kids and the girl child doesn’t have to compromise on a basic standard of living like food, clothing, shelter and education.

Through this forum, we appeal to all of you to come forward and join hands in this social cause and make our country more developed and self-reliant.

Thank You!

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