Friday , October 7 2022
Street Hawker

Street Hawker Essay For Students And Children

Hawkers are commonly seen moving about in streets of big cities. They sell eatables and a few other articles of daily use to earn a living. A street hawker is generally a poor man. He has to work hard all the day to maker is generally a poor man. He has to work hard all the day to make both ends meet. He wears dirty clothes. He shouts at the top of his voice to sell his wares.

Ramu is a hawker who visits our street every morning and evening. He brings toffees, biscuits, groundnuts, toys and whistles for children. No sooner do they hear his voice, than they rush out of their houses with money in hard, to buy articles of their choice.

Ramu is favorite with children. He is honest and never deceives or cheats them. He tries to please them with his innocent jokes and laughter.

He visits all the important places of our locality. Often we see him sitting near the school gate in the recess period. Boys flock to him buy miscellaneous articles. He does not sell on credit, nor does he give a short measure. He is kind to small children and attends to their needs with great care. He brings articles of good quality and charges reasonable prices. The people of our street are pleased his behaviour and nice manners.

Ramu is a very nice singer also. whenever he gets time, he sings sweet songs. He also tell the children of our vicinity interesting tales.

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