Thursday , September 29 2022
Street Beggar

Street Beggar Essay For Students And Children

Begging is a crime in some parts of India. All the same, we come across beggars at bus stops in streets and bazaars. Some of them are able-bodied, professional beggars and it is hard to get rid of them. But some are blind, cripple or lame. Such beggars deserve our sympathy.

A beggar is a sorry figure. He moves about in rags, with shaggy hair and old, torn shoes. He carries begging bowl and a stick to lean upon. He goes for begging either alone or in small group. He tries to excite our pity and adopts a cringing attitude.

A beggar visits our street early in the morning. he has lost his lags and is carried about in a small four wheeled cart drawn by a boy. he begs alms in a sing-song way. He is religious-minded and chants hymns. This appeals to the softer feelings of the people and they give him money or grain. Women especially take pity on him and give him food and clothes.

A street beggar may be a thief or a rogue. He may steal things and cheat innocent people. So we must be on our guard against him. We should help only a deserving and disabled beggar. Healthy, strong and young beggars should not be encourage. They should be given some work. That is the only sensible way to help them.

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