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My Pet: Short English essay for students and children

My Pet: Short English essay for students and children

I have a cat in my house which is my own pet. It is white in colour and has lovely brown patches all over its body. I call it pussy. Pussy is female cat and is very loving to all the members of our family.

I had found Pussy as a street on a cold winter night. I took pity on it and brought it home. My mother gave it some warm milk and wrapped it up in shawl for the night.

Pussy has been with us for two years now. We give it good food to eat and lots of milk. It has grown sleek and fat now. Its fur shines with health and its eyes are bright too. It looks like a cat of a very fine breed instead of a stray cat.

Pussy is very intelligent. It has killed all the rats of our house so my mother is very happy. It understands all the orders that we give to it and even fetches the newspaper for my father. A few months back it gave birth to four kittens which we sold for a nice profit.

My pet cat loves me very much. It shows its affection by rubbing itself against my legs when I come back from school. Its favourite pastime is to play with a ball in the garden. Pussy is my pride and joy, and I love my pet very much.

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