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Essay on My Home for Children and Students

Essay on My Home for Children and Students

My home is a very beautiful one and I will be glad to tell you all about it. I am lucky to live in a large home in a very green, clean colony. All the shops and markets are very near the colony.

The entrance to my home is through a short driveway. There are two big lawns on both sides of the driveway. It has lush, green grass and has flower beds on all sides. The gardener who lives in our servant quarters plants seasonal flowers every few months. Thus the view from the gate is very good. The lawns are lined by tall hedges on three sides.

In the front of my house is a porch where we keep our potted plants. Ours is a three bedroom house, and is double storeyed. On the ground floor we have a large drawing room, a dining room, a kitchen, two store rooms and a guest room.

The stairs lead to the first floor where we have two more bedrooms, a big terrace and another storeroom. There are bathrooms and toilets on both the floors. The terrace is our favourite place in the winters when we like to sit in the warm winter sun.

We have tastefully decorated the whole house with colourful pictures, fresh flowers and my paintings. The house appears warm and friendly to everyone. We also have a very big kitchen garden in the backyard, from where we can pluck fresh fruits and vegetables all the year round.

I am thus proud of my beautiful home, and like to show it around to all our visitors.

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