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Mother Teresa: English Essay for students & children

Mother Teresa: English Essay for students & children

Mother Teresa was born on 26th August, 1910 in Yugoslavia. Her childhood name was Agnes Bojaxhiu. After her schooling, she become a nun and came to India. In 1928, she joined the St. Mary’s school in Calcutta.

After seeing the suffering of the poor people near the convent, Mother Teresa decided to spend her whole life fighting poverty, hunger and disease. She began wearing a simple white saree with blue border. She started visiting the slums to help the poor people and to feed them

In 1948, Mother Teresa became an Indian citizen. She got her training as a nurse in Patna. She opened a school in a slum in Calcutta. It was run with the Help of donations. Many of the Mother Teresa’s farmer students also became nuns and came to help her.

In 1950, the famous ”Missionaries of Charity” was established in Calcutta. Later, Homes for the poor like Nirmal Hriday, Nirmal shishu Bhawan and many others were also started. The homeless poor people now had a home.

Mother Teresa and her sisters and brothers are doing a wonderful job. They feed and clothe the poor, treat their diseases, give them a home, and also provide training so that they can earn their own living.

Mother Teresa has been given several awards for her work. The Padma Shri, Nehru award, Templeton award and the Nobel Prize are just some of them. Now her work has spread all over the world. She has achieved all this with the power of love, faith and prayers. She is the hope for people all over the world. She died on 5th Sept. 1997 in her home at Calcutta.

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