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Kargil War

Kargil Vijay Diwas Essay For Students And Children

India is the land of the brave warriors. We fight to claim what is ours. Our Indian army is full of such heroes and in the year 1999, the world witnesses the bravery of our Indian Army when we conquered the Kargil War against Pakistan. To celebrate this victory, Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated all across India.

Kargil Vijay Diwas: Introduction

It has been 18 years since India won the war against Pakistan at the Kargil in Kashmir on 26th July 1999. Since then it has been observed as the Kargil Vijay Diwas. Indian armed forces had given their full efforts in such an unbearable climate and heights to get back our land which was dominated by the Pakistani troops.

The Kargil battlefield is one of the highest and dangerous battlefields in the world. The war was fought in the Tiger Hill region located in the Kargil town 205 km away from Srinagar. The nights here are long, and the temperature used to drop till -48 degree Celsius. The Pakistani Army wanted to cut the connections between the Ladakh and Kashmir and later occupy Kashmir slowly.

Pre-War Scenario of Kargil War

During the winter of 1998-99, Pakistani Army secretly started training and sending troops near Kargil to the dominate the region with the goal of claiming Siachen Glacier. Pakistan Army exclaimed that they were not the Pakistani soldiers but the Mujahidin. Pakistan wanted to have international attention on the dispute so that India would be pressurized to withdraw its army from the Siachen Glacier region and force India to negotiate for the Kashmir dispute. Later it was observed that the Kashmir militants were also included in it. The battlefield was at the high altitude; therefore, it created a logistical problem for the Indians to carry arms and other material.

India Fights Back

The Pakistani soldiers initially crossed the Line of Control which is called LOC and entered into the India-controlled region. Later the local shepherds alarmed the army about the suspicious people crossing the LOC. To take a deeper look, Indian Army sent additional troops from to Ladakh to Kargil region and they came to know that Pakistani army has crossed the LOC and entered in the India-controlled region. Both the soldiers started firing to regain the claim on the land. Later the Indian Air Force joined the war cleansing all the intruders from the valley.

Indian Conquers the Kargil War

After the increasing attack from the Indian army, and the pressure from the then United States of America President Bill Clinton, Pakistan withdrew its soldiers from the LOC area. Indian army reclaimed all the posts which Pakistan army was trying to win. This two-month long war ended on 26th July 1999 when Pakistan Army announced that they had withdrawn their army from the disputed area. This operation was named as the Operation Vijay. The Indian Army with Captain Vikram Batra, Major General Ian Cardozo fought bravely commanding over the outpost on 26th July 1999 which was dominated by Pakistan.

Pakistan was highly criticized internationally for not respecting the code of LOC and trying to take control over the disputed region. All the countries praised India for respecting the LOC and fighting the war successfully. Hence 26th July of every year is celebrated as Kargil Vijay Diwas. On this Day Prime Minister of India pays homage to all the martyred soldiers at the Amar Jawan Jyoti. We feel patriotic everywhere. Army stunts and the parade is carried out showing a tribute to the martyrs and the power of Indian Army.

Indian Army is always ready for the country, be there any situation or condition, fighting terrorism, natural calamities, terror attacks or a curfew. Kargil war is one such incident which cannot be forgotten. ‘Indian army is like a mother who does work selflessly and never asks for in return. This heroic sacrifices of our Army won’t be forgotten, and it will always inspire us.

How and Why Kargil Vijay Diwas is Celebrated?

To celebrate the high esteem of the Kargil Heros Kargil Diwas is celebrated. Homage is given to the soldiers who were martyred during the war at the Amar Jawan at the Delhi Gate by the Prime Minister of India and the Indian Army. Functions are organized in colleges and Government Institutes; Flag hoisting is done. Tricolour is seen everywhere; kids wear pinned badges on the pockets to show some love towards the country. In Schools competitions like speech, essay, debate, elocution, and activities are held to depict patriotic feeling. One of the main event the people wait to see is the parade and the stunts performed by the Army officials. Historical heritage around the country is lighted up with the colors of the Indian Flag. Patriotism vibes are felt everywhere.

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