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Importance of Games and Sports: English Essay For Kids

Importance of Games and Sports: English Essay For Kids

Importance of Games and Sports: [Essay I]

Importance of Games and Sports: Play is one of the earliest developmental activities exhibited by children. Sports and games have come to be a part of our life at various stages. Beginning with the sports day at school to the IPL matches, the Olympics and FIFA World Cup, there is a little something for all of us when it comes to sports.

A sport can be defined as a physical activity involving a set of rules and often played for recreation, competition or self-enjoyment. Games on the other hand are activities that involve several players who follow certain rules to attain a set goal.

Games and Sports bring a package of benefits that make them very significant in our life at any given age.

  • Develop physical strength: Engaging in any kind of physical sport like running or team sports like cricket help in building the physical strength of the player
  • Maintain fitness and health: By building their physical strength, it enables maintenance of physical health and fitness
  • Improve functioning of bodily systems: Physical fitness enhances the functioning of bodily organs
  • Body flexibility: Sports and games make the body more flexible by giving sufficient exercise to the muscles
  • Balance physical and mental growth: They can contribute to the balanced growth especially in growing children
  • Improve strategic thinking: Team sports and other board games like chess improves strategic thinking ability of the individual
  • Judgement and planning: It also improves the ability to make proper decisions, plan ahead and execute the plan
  • Improve concentration and focus: Individuals who engage in sports are able to focus and concentrate better for longer periods of time
  • Improve thought processes: By improving strategic thinking, decision making and planning, games and sports improve thought process in the player
  • Speed in thinking: Sports and game increase speed in thinking by developing strategic thinking, decision making and planning skills
  • Leadership qualities: They help in developing leadership skills that can be useful in other areas of life
  • Build team spirit: Team sports build team spirit and feelings of belongingness in players
  • Develop competitiveness: Engaging in games and sports builds a sense of competitiveness that can be healthy and effective in improving the performance of individuals in games as well as in other aspects of life
  • Follow rules and regulations: Children who engage in sports and games are able to learn to follow rules and regulations
  • Outlet for negative emotions: Sports and games that involve physical exertion are an excellent outlet for negative emotions like anger
  • Channelize energy in productive ways: Like the case of negative emotions, sports are a means to channelize energy into productive means
  • Perform better in academics: Engaging in games and sports, contrary to popular belief, enhances physical and mental abilities and improves performance in academics
  • Be more productive at work: Engaging in physical activity makes one mentally more competent and productive at work
  • Recreation and relaxation: They are a means to relaxation as a hobby that can have a variety of other benefits for the individual
  • Improve quality of life: Engaging in sports and games can improve the overall quality of life by improving other areas of life

Physical activity helps in both us to stay physically and psychologically healthy. The benefits from playing sports and games can differ across the variety of them. Some of them may help sharpen our mental skills while other might help us develop our physical fitness. Not everyone is excellent in sports or at a game but being a part of one gives a transformative experience that can teach us valuable lessons.

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