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Good Manners: English Essay for Children and Students

Manners show the likes, dislikes, tastes, feelings, and temper of a man. Good manners are the mark of the decency of a person. To live in a Society, we must have the qualities that all the people in the society like.

In every society, there are some forms of behaviour that are accepted as good manners. They come with a good education and upbringing. They are note forced upon anyone, but with good manners we can win everyone’s praise.

A person with good manners is full of courtesy. He is kind and considerate to everyone. Most important of all i that he is very sincere in his behaviour. He is also polite and patient.

A man of good manners does not boast about himself. He shows his good character in actions rather than talking. Thus he becomes a good example for other men to follow. Good manners can also be seen in a cheerful person. Such a man brings hope and happiness to everyone.

Good manners are to be learn from childhood itself. A child must learn to obey his elders and also treat children of his own age with fairness.

Good manners show a person to be a gentleman. They are necessary to win the friendship and respect of everyone. We cannote succeed in life  without good manners.

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