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English essay on Dog for Students and Children

The dog is a small animal. It has four legs and it can run very fast on them. There are wild dogs, pet dogs as well as stray dogs. Wild dogs live freely in the jungle. People keep pet dogs in their homes, while stray dogs roam around in the streets.

There many kinds of dogs. The Alsatian, bull-dogs, spaniel, mongrel and labrador are some of the breeds of dogs. Their sizes and shapes are very different. Some have long legs while others have short legs, and some are very fat while others are not.

All dogs may be different, but they have some common points in them. They all have very bright, intelligent eyes. They are also very loyal to man. In fact, a dog is man’s best friend. It never forgets its master and protects him from thieves, fires etc. It is also very obedient to its master.

A dog can be trained to perform different tricks. It can run and fetch things, walk on two legs, shake hands, sit stand and lie down when its master gives orders. Dogs also make very good circus animals.

The dogs is a very loving creature. It barks with happiness when its master comes home and licks everyone with its tongue to show its tail. It also does this by wagging its love. It loves to play with little children. Pomeranian dogs make very good pets. They are very popular. Dogs like the Alsatian and Doberman are very good watch dogs.

We must be careful of strange dogs. They may be infected of strange dogs. They may be infected and may even bite us if we go near. We also have to take good care of our pet dogs. We must keep them clean and take them out for walks regularly. Stray dogs can also be fed out of kindness. Dogs and man can have a very good relationship.

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