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NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Electricity and Circuits

Question: Name one source for the large scale production of electricity.

Answer: Solar Panel is a source of large scale production of electricity.

Question: Name one material used to make the negative terminal of a dry cell.

Answer: Zinc is used to make the negative terminal of a dry cell.

Question: With the help of a labelled diagram, explain a dry cell.

Answer: A dry cell is a very convenient source of electric current. The dry cell as its name suggests contain dry or semi-solid ingredients. The dry cell contains a paste of ammonium chloride inside a zinc container. Inside the paste a carbon is placed. The cardboard has microscopic holes in it through which a chemical reaction takes place between ammonium chloride paste and powered manganese dioxide. A road usually carbon with a metal cap is dipped into the manganese dioxide. The whole thing is sealed so that the contents do not split out. The zinccan  is also wrapped so that the only base is exposed.

Dry cell
Dry cell


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