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NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Electricity and Circuits

Question: As a safety measure, you are advised to wear rubber skippers or shoes when handling electrical appliances.

Answer: It is said so because if we are not wearing rubber slippers then we may get an electric shock as electric current will pass from head to toe, we will be a part of electric current. If we are wearing the rubber slipper the electric current will stop near the rubber slippers the rubber slippers.


Question: With the help of a well labeled diagram, explain the working of a bulb.

Answer: A bulb has a thin filament which is a very thin metal wire. The filament heats up when an electric current is passed through it by the terminals. It heats up so much that it begins to glow and give out light. Argon is filled in the bulb so that the glass does not react

Working of a bulb
Working of a bulb

Question: What are secondary cells?

Answer: Secondary cells are cells that can be recharged if it used up. For Eg-solar cells.

Question: How will you find out given thing is a good conductor of electricity or not?

Answer: Lets us take a cell, bulb wires and a safety pin and make simple circuit. Connect the cell with a bulb and leave a arm open and insert the safety pin. If the bulb glows the thing is a good conductor if not it is a bad conductor.

Conductor of electricity
Conductor of electricity

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