Friday , October 7 2022
Salar Jung Museum

English essay on visit to a Museum

English Essay on Museum [1] ~ 250 Words

A museum is a place where very old, strange or priceless and beautiful things are kept for public show. There are many famous museums in India. A visit to a museums in India can be very interesting and will also add to our knowledge of the past.

I spent my summer vacations with my uncle in Hyderabad last year. There I had the chance to visit the famous Salar Jung museum. It is a huge multi-storeyed building. There are beautiful lawns full of flowers and trees outside.

The museum is divided into many rooms. Each room has different kinds of exhibits. In one room the beautiful cloaks and coats of the various Hyderabadi nawabs were displayed. Their swords, lances, guns and other weapons were also kept in another room.

I liked the room with the statues the best of all. There was a statue of the Veiled Rebecca. It was so beautiful that I felt I could reach out and lift her veil myself. Then there were huge paintings on display. The colours still looked very fresh. There were many pieces of Japanese embroidering at how much skill had gone into making them.

There were clocks, ornaments and chinaware too. in fact, there were so many things in the museum that it took us almost three hours to see them all. We were very tired so we rested in the lawns for a while.

I shall never forget my visit to the Salar Jung Museum. I want to go there again to see all the beautiful objects on display. In thing it is the best museum in India.

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