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English Essay on Value of Sports for Students and Children

English Essay on Value of Sports for Students and Children

Game and sports are a very important part of our life. They are necessary to keep our body healthy. They help us to digest out food better and make our muscles and bones strong. They also improve our appetite so that we remain healthy.

Sports provide a very good physical exercise to a growing child. They make the body elastic and give it the strength to fight diseases. Games are a very good way of passing time. After working hard all day in the school or office, one can relax very well by playing all sorts of indoor and outdoor games. If we spend all our time studying and working we become weak due to lack of exercise. That is why it is said “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”.

Games like chess and carrom-board improve our concentration. Outdoor sports help us to run faster and reach higher. They are also a very good way to make friends and play in the team spirit. One should not mind losing once in a while and should learn from his mistakes.

However, we must not spend all our time playing sports and games. Studies are very important too. We must learn to balance the two. Thus, we can grow up to healthy in both body and mind.

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