Friday , October 7 2022

Short English Essay on Tsunami

December 26, 2004 was deadly trembler day in the history of mankind. Deadly tsunami took away the lives of nearly two lakhs of people in South Asia and South East Asia. India also became the prey of tsunami. Tsunami was powerful undersea earthquake of very high magnitude on Richter scale. A joint sturdy by U.N. ADB and World Bank revealed that the rehabilitation and reconstruction cost of tsunami affected zone in India would come to 1.2 billion. Tamil Nadu is the worst affected state in India. The largest proportion of damages is concentrated in housing, fisheries, restoring livelihoods and to some extent in infrastructure and agriculture.

In India, the government alerted all the southern states Orissa and the Islands of Lakshadweep and the Andman and Nicobar Islands. The initial parts of an Indian ocean tsunami warning system that is not due until mid 2006 worked to alert governments in the region to the latest earthquake and helped sound the all-clear ending fears of a killer waves. Indian ocean nations agreed in a Paris meeting earlier in March to establish the full warning system by 2006. The occurrence tsunami disaster has proved that disaster management in India is too poor to face the natural calamities like tsunami. It is the need of this age develop the powerful system to guess and to forecast about the natural calamities. So that the quick, proper and adequate measures can be taken to prevent the loss of lives, property etc.


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