Friday , October 7 2022
The Tiger

English essay on Tiger for students and children

The tiger is the national animal of India. It is a fierce and proud animal. Everyone is afraid of it. The tiger is generally yellow in colour with black stripes all over. Sometimes white tigers are also found, but these are very rare. They are bread in captivity.

The tiger is a carnivorous animal. It lives on the flesh of the animals that it kills. It has very sharp teeth to tear flesh. Its claws are also very sharp. The jaws and paws of a tiger are extremely powerful. It has very piercing eyes which can see very well even in the night.

The tiger runs very fast. It can chase its prey for miles without getting tired. It usually hunts animals such as deer, wild buffallo, baby elephants etc. Once the prey is caught and killed, the tiger settles down to eat it at its leisure. It is also one of the best swimmers among animals.

This majestic animal was once found all over India. But years of hunting by kings, Englishmen, hunter and now poachers have reduce their numbers to very few. They may disappears from the face of the earth altogether if we are not careful.

The government of India has opened tiger sanctuaries all over the country. The tigers are protected in these forests and their hunting is band. Their numbers are increasing slowly. We must all respect this proud and graceful animal and try to save it at all costs. The tiger rightfully deserves to be the national animal of our country.

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