Friday , September 30 2022
School Peon

English Essay On School Peon For Students And Children

The name of our school peon is Kailash. He belongs to a village. He is strong and well-built. He is of middle age, but he is active and smart.

Kailash is simple, truthful and honest. He is a conscientious worker. He knows his duty well. He is the first to come to school and the last to leave it. He opens the class rooms, dusts the desks and chairs and sees that everything is in order. He keeps the principal’s office neat and clean. He opens the school office and keeps registers and record files properly.

He is regular and punctual. He rings the bell at the fixed time to start the school. He ring it at the end of every period. He is busy all the time. He carries the principal’s orders to the class rooms and attends to the teachers the clerical staff. He is gentle and polite and is very popular with the students. He is hard-working and obedient and tries to please all he can.

The peon is a low-paid servant. He can hardly make both ends. He is illiterate but understands the school affairs well and does his work quite to the satisfaction of principle and the staff. He is a part and parcel of the school. We should never forget that a peon is also a human being. Ne one is perfect . We should try to overlook his minor faults and weaknesses. He must be treated as a human being.

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