Wednesday , September 28 2022
My Hobby English Essay for Children and Students

My Hobby English Essay for Children and Students

A hobby is something that we do in our free time. Hobbies differ from person to person according to their testes. Some people collect stamps, some go for swimming or other sports, still others go for hobbies such as photography or gardening.

I follow painting as my hobby. My parents spotted my talent for drawing and colouring when I was very young, and they have encouraged me in my chosen hobby.

At first started with pencil colours and crayons. When I grew better with those, I moved on to water-colourpainting. Now my new passion is painting with oil colours.

When I am painting, I forget the world. I love to look at a blank canvas or sheet of paper and imagine what I am going to paint on it. I usually paint landscapes and seascapes, but sometimes I paint portraits of people also.

Everyone praises my paintings, and I feel very good when I here them. I have also won several prizes in various competitions. But i feel I could not have achieved this much without my parents’ support. I am very thankful to them. I wish everyone would have a hobby of his own that will keep his mind fresh and be creative at the same time.

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