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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Social Science: The United Nations

10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 4]

Helping My Mother: Essay For Primary Class


  • Mother very busy.
  • Family members.
  • I help mother when free.
  • Service to grandmother.
  • Fetch things from market.

I am Juhi. I am ten years old. My mother is a very kind lady. She works very hard for the family. She is always busy in the kitchen or outside. Ours is a middle class family. There are my parents and myself. Then there is my grandmother. She is old and sick.

My mother has to take care of all of us. She has to attend to my grandmother. We cannot afford a servant. My father gets a modest salary.

I help my mother whenever I can. It gives me great pleasure. When I am free I help her in the kitchen, in her washing and other activities. It pleases my mother so much. My father also appreciates it.

I serve breakfast, tea etc. to my grandmother. I also help her in going to her bed. Sometimes I fetch things from the nearby shops. It makes my mother’s work light.

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