Thursday , September 29 2022
Childhood - English Essay

Childhood – English Essay

Childhood is considered to be the happiest part of one’s life. I certainly feel it is so. When we are children, our whole future is open to us. We can make whatever choices we want to. Once we grow older and choose our goals in life, our paths become more and limited.

Childhood is a beautiful world of imagination. Little children have a great power of imagination and are very happy in their own worlds. They have their parents to love them and take care of every need of theirs. They have nothing to worry about, nor any responsibility to burden them.

However, childhood also has its drawbacks. A child cannot make his own decisions. His parents are always there to do it for him. Sometimes school work and studies can even ruin his childhood by beating him or scaring him with stories of ghosts, snakes etc.

Children are little angles. they have the wonderful qualities of honesty, innocence and purity of hearts in them. One must never hurt children. All parents should try and keep their children happy so that their childhood becomes a golden period for them. One can cherish the memories of such a childhood all through their lives.


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