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NCERT 9th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Forest Society and Colonialism

Question: Who was Dietrich Brandeis?

Answer: Dietrich brandies was a German expert and the inspector General of forests in India who was united by the British here for his advice.

Question: What are Parganas?

Answer: A pargana is a cluster of villages.

Question: What was the small fee called?

Answer: If people from a village want to take some wood from the forests of another villages, they pay a small fee called deviari, land or man in exchange.

Question: What is Java famous for?

Answer: Java is now famous as a rice-producing Island in Indonesia.

Question: What is deforestation ?

Answer: The disappearance of forests is referred to as deforestation.

Question: How was increasing population responsible for deforestation ?

Answer: As population increased over the centuries and demand for food went up, peasants extended the boundaries of cultivation, clearing forests and breaking new land.

Question: Mention the impact of the disappearing Oak forests in England.

Answer: Disappearing Oak forests created a problem of timber supply for the Royal Navy.

Question: Why were railways essential for the colonial government ?

Answer: Railways were essential for the colonial trade, and for the movement of imperial troops.

Question: ‘The ship industry of England was also responsible for deforestation in India’. Give one reason.

Answer: Due to the high demand, oak forests in England were disappearing. This created a problem of timber supply for the Royal Navy which required to build ships. To get the supply of oak for the ship industry, Britishers started exploring Indian forests on a massive scale.

Question: How far the plantation agriculture was responsible for deforestation in India?


  1. Large areas of natural forests were cleared to make way for tea, coffee and rubber plantations to meet Europe’s growing need for these commodities.
  2. The colonial government took over the forests, and gave vast areas to European planters at cheap rates. These areas were enclosed and cleared of forests, and planted with tea or coffee.

Question: Who was Dietrich Brandis? Why he was invited to India?

Answer. Dietrich Brandis was a German expert. He was made the first Inspector General of Forests in India.
He was invited to India by the Britishers to save the Indian forests.

Question: Who set up the Indian Forest Service in India ?

Answer. Dietrich Brandis.

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