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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Social Science: The United Nations

10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 4]

My Room: Essay For Primary Class


  • Our big house – my small room.
  • Look of the room.
  • Furniture – books in the room.
  • Clock and painting on the wall.
  • Attached bath.

Our house is quite big. There is a room for my use. It is not very big. It is too small. It is close to my parents room. The walls of my room are are painted white. The ceiling is also white.

My room has two doors. There are two windows. One window is very big. Another is not so big. There are panes. They let in light. I keep them open to let in fresh air.

My bed is at one side of my room. It is a wooden bed. It is very comfortable. On the other side is my study table and chair. There is a big shelf. It is full of books. It has three drawers. In these I keep my many other things.

There is a clock on the wall above my study table. There is a painting put up on a wall. It makes my room more beautiful.

There is an attached bath to my room. I take my bath her. I Keep my room clean and tidy.

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